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As the leading international moving company in Toronto, ON Canada, we are here to provide you with all of the moving and storage resources you need for your upcoming move. Whether you are trying to find a trustworthy company, looking for moving tips, or need information on immigration, we have what you need to meet your moving and storage needs.

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Finding Legitimate Moving Companies and Brokers

A legitimate moving agency maintains a registry of all legitimate movers and brokers engaged in the transportation of household items across state lines or outside the country. A broker for household items will help you arrange transport for your shipment but will not carry the products themselves. A mover provides shipping services for household goods. When hiring a broker or a moving company, you have a right to receive some essential information ahead of time. The following details are what you can anticipate receiving:

  • An estimate in writing
  • Written notification regarding access to the mover’s tariff
  • The procedure for processing claims

It is best to work with a licensed broker or moving company to be on the safe side.

Getting an Estimate

For your move to go smoothly, it is suggested to understand the types of estimates provided by your mover. Regulatory agencies mandate that your mover produce written estimates for every shipment handled on your behalf. The estimate should include all fees, including transportation, extras, and early payments. It should have the signature and the actual date of the agreement. A verbal appraisal is not reliable for your smooth transition. The following are examples of movers’ estimates and liability coverage options:

Binding Estimate

It guarantees that you’ll pay the specified sum. Suppose you decide to include more items in your shipment or ask for more services. The obligatory estimate can be adjusted to favor changes in the contract. If you can’t pay 100% of a contractual estimate, your mover may store your shipment at your expense until you pay the remaining balance.

Non-Binding Estimate

It estimates your moving cost. A non-binding estimate isn’t a promise, but it should be accurate. Final prices will depend on your package’s weight, the services supplied, and the mover’s advertised rate. The non-binding estimate does not exceed 110% of the original cost at delivery.

Your Moving Company’s Liability And your Claims

Your mover is legally responsible in case of occurrence of any sort of loss during shipping. The Surface Transportation Board’s Released Rates Order establishes the parameters that regulate liability.

You must have a thorough understanding of the fees that apply as well as the degree of protection offered by each tier.

Full Value Protection

Although it is expensive, it is the most comprehensive solution available to secure your household possessions. Every moving company offers this protection in the preliminary cost estimate of charges you obtain from them. Unless you opt-out of Full Value Protection, your package will be delivered with this level of liability. In the case of loss, damage, or destruction, the mover must either make necessary repairs or provide a new item of like type and quality.

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