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Monarch International Moving has the international movers in Canada you need to complete your move to the United Arab Emirates. Here are some tips and a summary of main rules and regulations on such a move. When you begin planning your journey, be sure to reach out to customs and the appropriate embassies to receive an official list of rules and requirements.

Required Paperwork

  • Two copies of Ocean Freight
  • Two copies of Original Bill of Lading
  • Three copies of packing list
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Copy of Airway Bill

When creating your inventory, you will need information on the weight of your belongings, size of boxes, number of packages, and brief descriptions of each household item.

Household Items

Used and previously owned items in your household goods can be duty free, but any brand-new items will cause a charge that is 5% of the items’ CIF value.


Any vehicle will require their chassis number, make, color, model, year of manufacture, engine numbers, and more to be submitted. Copies of registration will need to be submitted as well.

Forbidden Items

  • Materials that are blasphemous against belief systems and religions
  • Products of endangered or protected animals
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Narcotics and drugs
  • Wine and liquor
  • Pornographic materials


At customs, your items will be checked before clearing. Packages are inspected at the port of arrival by customs officers. Media such as film or books will be thoroughly checked by the Ministry of Information. Any restricted items will be confiscated and destroyed, requiring an explanation of their presence. Customs will take about 4 to 3 days to check shipments coming in from the sea and about 2 days for shipments being flown in.

These tips are here from our international movers in Canada to help you start planning your move. Monarch International Moving stands out for our superb moving and storage services and customizable plans. See how you can make your moving to the United Arab Emirates a streamlined experience.

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