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The Most Experienced International Movers from Toronto, ON to the Netherlands & Beyond

Choosing the best international moving company from Canada to the Netherlands is crucial. Monarch International Moving is Canada’s best international mover. Monarch International Moving has considerable experience with international relocations to Netherlands and can help you and your family locate the best international moving service abroad moving firms.

Any quantity above average will result in a customs inspection, as well as import duties/taxes and customs inspection charges. Food and beverages should not be shipped.

Important Information

Clients should be made aware that obtaining a free import permit is a time-consuming matter. Unfortunately, you will have to wait at least 2 – 6 weeks, from the date of handling, to have the free import permit issued.

Many foreign moving firms claim to be the country’s best international movers and relocation companies. If this were true, all international shipping businesses would be the best. Monarch International Moving has gathered some key criteria for you to consider when choosing an abroad moving company.

  1. Best Tip – Examine the international movers you are contemplating. Verify their export and import licenses.
  2. Research Moving Companies – Ascertain that you are comparing quotations from equal companies. You compare international relocation rates from abroad moving firms based on the same volume of items and dates.
  3. Look into Extra Expenses – Pay close attention to the “EXCLUDES” of each quote to avoid missing any hidden expenses.
  4. Check Referrals & Reputation – Examine the company’s references and reputation. Ask each firm for client testimonials. A reputable international moving business should have some.
  5. Stop By Their Office – Visit the international moving company’s physical office. Be wary of international movers without an actual address! Nowadays, everyone may have a basement office.
  6. Offshore Forwarding – If you are moving from Canada, make sure the company you choose has trustworthy offshore forwarding agents.

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