Moving to Taiwan with International Movers in Toronto, ON Canada

Partner with the Leading International Movers in Toronto, ON Canada for Your Move to Taiwan

Monarch International Moving offers international moving and storage services. If you are considering relocating to Taiwan, professional international movers can assist you understand the legislation and rules. Our movers are ready to assist you with any size, distance, or style of move.

Prohibited Items

Items such as hunting knives, bows, and firearms are restricted from entering the country. Opium, poppy seeds, cannabis indica, cocaine, and synthetic drugs are all prohibited, as are soil, plants, and animals from afflicted areas.

Customs Rules

Used household products must be shipped into Taiwan within 6 months. The owner should be in Taiwan.

Documents Required

  • Owner’s passport copy
  • Original Ocean/Airway Bill
  • Inventory in full (Packing List)
  • Copy of the owner’s passport entrance stamp
  • Copy of the passport’s embarkation card
  • Worker’s Certificate company letter

Relocating Automobiles

Used cars worth over USD 20,000.00 can be imported into Taiwan with prior approval from the Board of Foreign Trade. An import permit requires the following documents. If a car fails an environmental test, it cannot be registered in Taiwan and must be returned to the original nation.

  • Owner’s passport copy
  • Foreign resident certificate / Taiwanese ID (for Taiwan citizen)
  • An original residency certificate (for foreigners) or Taiwanese ID (for Taiwan citizens) is necessary
  • Title copy of automobile
  • Auto environmental testing requires the car’s original title
  • Must use unleaded gas
  • A left-handed steering wheel is required

Moving Pets

Taiwan allows pet imports. Taiwan requires an Import Permit and Quarantine. An import permit requires the following documents.

  • Owner’s passport photocopy
  • Certifications of HEALTH & RABIES VACCINATION
  • 6 x 4” animal photos

Best International Moving Services

Many foreign moving firms claim to be the country’s best international movers and relocation companies. If this were true, all international shipping businesses would be the best.

Monarch International Moving has gathered some key criteria for you to consider when choosing an abroad moving company.

  • Trust your friend’s advice
  • Examine the international movers you are contemplating. Verify their export and import licenses.
  • Ascertain that you are comparing quotations from equal companies. You compare international relocation rates from abroad moving firms based on the same volume of items and dates. Pay close attention to the “EXCLUDES” of each quote to avoid missing any hidden expenses.

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Examine the company’s references and reputation. Ask each company for client testimonials. A reputable international moving business should have some. Visit the international moving company’s physical office. If you are moving from Canada, make sure the company you choose has trustworthy offshore forwarding agents. For more information on how our international movers can assist with your move to Taiwan, contact Monarch International Moving today.

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