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When Relocating to Sweden, Work with a Leader Among Moving and Storage Companies in Toronto, ON

Selecting the leader among international moving and storage companies in Toronto, ON Canada, is critical when relocating to Sweden. Monarch International Moving is Canada’s top global moving company. Monarch International Moving can offer you and your family valuable insights about moving to Sweden. To help you choose the perfect international moving and storage companies in Toronto, ON, we’ve compiled a collection of valuable ideas and recommendations to assist you in organizing your move to Sweden.


Documents Required

  • Inventory of household items (3 copies), which must detail the contents of each carton (i.e., glasses, kitchenware, toys, etc.)
  • Customs does not allow descriptions such as “packed by owner” and ” like. This is necessary to prevent additional charges if the customs officer must examine the port of entry due to incorrectly compiled inventory.
  • The Swedish Customs Declaration “Customs Exemption for Migrant Property: From Off assurance” must be signed in Sweden and witnessed by Swedish citizens. Only the owner’s signature and passport number shall appear on the document if signed abroad. It should be noted that the owner must have landed in Sweden before customs clearance may be completed. If the products arrive before the owner, they can be kept in a bonded warehouse.


Items with Duty/Restrictions

  • Liquor 40%, VAT 25% of the value of the bottles, and tax 501,41 SEK Per liter alcohol
  • Wine is subject to a 25% VAT on the value of the bottles and tax. 22.20 SEK per liter, plus a 1.3 percent duty on the total amount.

We highly advise against including alcoholic beverages in household goods shipments due to the possibility of delays and additional expenses. Cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco are also subject to duty.


Inherited Possessions

  • Firearms – Firearms may only be imported when a license from the Swedish Police has been obtained and presented to customs.
  • Pets – You must apply for an import license from the Swedish Board of Agriculture at least 30 days before you plan to arrive in Sweden. All animals must have a veterinary certificate given within ten days of importation.


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