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Monarch International Moving is the international moving company you need to begin planning your international move. This page will begin to explore the surface of what you need to prepare and know as you head into your move. As you begin, contact your country’s customs and Spain’s customs to make sure all rules and regulations are followed. Here are the ones our movers want you to know right away.


Documents for Customs Clearance

  • Commitment Declaration in Spanish
  • Copy of Passport
  • Duly Certificate issued by Spanish City Council to show proof of living in Spain.

Depending on your status as a foreigner, European Communitarians, diplomats, a native Spaniard, and more, there are different forms, passports, and documentation required. You will need a typed up and detailed inventory of your belongings, printed as two or three copies (one in Spanish) and all signed and dated for customs.

If you are moving into a secondary residence, you must be purchasing it to live or renting for a minimum of two years. If you transport a vehicle, it must be all paid for and in your ownership for at least twelve months. Vehicles entering Europe will need to meet the European greenhouse gas emissions standards.


Restricted Items

Firearms, ammunition, drugs, medication, flammable items, explosives, radioactive materials, corrosive materials, food, and liquids cannot be imported with your household goods and personal effects. These items are forbidden but items such as tobacco and alcohol can be shipped but declared separately. If any of these items are with your non accompanied used household goods & personal effects, your shipment can be delayed, or the entire process can be held up.

Our moving company, Monarch Moving Systems, is here to help you plan your upcoming move. While these tips will help you to begin planning for your international move, you will need to contact a Spanish customs office for more rules and regulations. Look forward to a successful international move with Monarch Moving Systems today.


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