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Monarch International Moving is the international moving and storage services you need to start planning your move to Scotland. With our movers’ guidance, you will be able to start organizing your move and making it a reality.


Required Documents

  • C3 Customs Form (must be signed by hand, two original copies submitted only)
  • C-3 is for household goods and personal items in the primary home
  • C-33 is for the secondary home
  • C426 if diplomatic entry
  • C104A or C384 for motor vehicles

On top of these documents, you will need a passport, a Visa if applicable, a work permit, and two copies of your complete inventory signed, dated, and valued. Don’t forget to include and label keys to any locked items. If something cannot be opened, it will slow down your items in customs.

Pets (dogs and cats) will be quarantined for six months upon arrival in booked kennels. You will need to complete the C-5 form and provide both a health certificate and proof of inoculation.

Cars require copies of registration, title, police certificate or registration, insurance policy, invoice of purchase, and a logbook. Depending on your car’s make and age there are different sets of paperwork to complete so it is a good idea to get your car checked and contact customs a few months before your move. You cannot move a car that you have not owned for six months and it can be duty-free if so and the owner has been abroad for more than 12 months.


Prohibited Items

  • Fireworks
  • Firearms/ammunition
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Animal products
  • Counterfeit currency
  • Pornography
  • Horror Comics
  • Plants, seeds, trees, potatoes, and more

From prohibited items to be familiar with the paperwork and customs rules you need to familiarize yourself with, there are many rules and regulations to adhere to. Luckily, with Monarch International Moving, we have completed many international moving and storage services and are ready to help you prepare for your move.


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