Moving to Puerto Rico with International Movers and Packers From Toronto, ON

International Movers and Packers’ in Toronto, ON Advice on Moving to Puerto Rico

International movers and packers at Monarch International Moving are here to help you plan your next move. If you are moving to Puerto Rico soon, our movers want to share some tips and information on what belongings can be shipped to Puerto Rico, regulations, restriction information, and more.

Required Documents

  • Original Automobile Registration
  • Original Certificate of Automobile Title
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Signed Inventory by Owner
  • Ocean Waybill (Original in case of Foreign Shipments)
  • Household Good Freight Bill signed by Owner
  • S. Customs form 3299 for Foreign Shipments

Customs Regulations

  • Shipments from the 50 states of the U.S. pay Insular Excise Taxes
  • Shipments from outside the 50 states of the U.S. pay U.S. Customs duties and Insular Excise Tax

Vehicle Registration

Send the keys of your vehicle ahead of its arrival to the receiving agent. This way your shipment is not held up if it arrives unlockable. If your vehicle is not paid off or has a pending balance, a few more additional documents are required:

  • Original Notarized Authorization from the Entity Financing
  • Copy of Registration

Registration can be accomplished with a valid driver’s license, a physical local address, social security number, and a mailing address.

Restricted and Prohibited Items

  • Do not ship alcohol, liquor, or spirits.
  • Do not keep items in a shipped vehicle’s trunk.
  • Do not ship firearms.

These restricted items will be confiscated by local authorities and will slow down the processing of your shipment. Items such as firearms are restricted by numerous and complicated laws to be registered.

These restrictions, tips, and requirements are all general guidelines for you to use as you begin planning your move. If you are moving to Puerto Rico with international movers and packers, you must contact your local Puerto Rico embassy and customs to receive a complete list of restrictions and rules. With the help of international movers and packers, you will be ready to start your move.

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