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Moving to a new country can be an exciting yet daunting idea once you begin planning and figuring out all the paperwork, customs, and more. As a leading international moving company, our best movers at Monarch Moving Systems are here to help you begin planning for your move to Mexico. Here are a few topics to help you begin planning your move from important documents, prohibited items, and more.

When moving to Mexico, our best movers want to make sure you know what you can bring with you. Retirees, foreigners, returning Mexicans, and Mexican citizens can all move to Mexico. Depending on your situation, there are different permits, passports, and proof needed to complete the move. The essential required documents for foreigners moving to Mexico are a copy of your passport, a temporary residence VISA from the Instituto Nacional de Migracion, an inventory list of copies and originals in Spanish and notarized. Your belongings will be declared to customs and will not have any of the prohibited items. You will need your liability letter from a destination agent, and a federal registration or Tax ID if you are moving a company.

Items Not to Move

There are many prohibited items that you will not be allowed to take with you such as firearms and ammunition, firecrackers or combustibles, controlled drugs, alcohol, and more. But, there are also items you might not have thought of such as food, toilet paper, diapers, detergent, soap, collectibles (to avoid resell), blank CDs, and more are not allowed as well. To avoid fines and slowing down your shipments, do not include any of these items in your move. Pets such as dogs and cats are allowed without permission but all other pets must meet certain regulations and will be subject to duty.

Consult the Embassy of Mexico and the USDA for a more complete list of requirements, regulations, and travel information. When you are ready to begin planning your move to Mexico with some of our best movers, we are ready to guide you through the paperwork, rules, and different parts of the move. Our best movers are here to make sure your move is hassle-free.

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