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Selecting the best worldwide moving company while relocating from Canada to London is critical. Monarch International Moving is Canada’s top international moving company. Monarch International Moving can offer you and your family valuable insights about moving to England, finding the right international relocation companies, and choosing the best international moving service overseas moving companies based on our extensive experience with international relocations to London. We’ve compiled a list of valuable ideas and recommendations to assist you in preparing your move to London.

Numerous international moving businesses claim to be the country’s top movers and relocation companies. This, of course, cannot be true because all international shipping firms would be the finest.


Things to Consider

Monarch International Moving Ltd has compiled a list of essential factors to consider while deciding which worldwide moving company is best for you.


Required Documents

  • Visa may be required if you have a valid passport.
  • A work permit may be necessary.
  • Customer Keys for any locked objects must have a detailed inventory in English dated and signed by the Customer.
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Customs Regulations

  • Goods must be delivered within twelve months of the Customer’s arrival or up to six months before the Customer’s arrival.
  • Used household goods and personal effects, including tools of the trade, maybe duty-free if the following conditions are met.
  • Items must have been in the Customer’s use for at least six months prior to importation, and the Customer can demonstrate that duty and tax have been paid on them prior to arrival in the United Kingdom.
  • Customer entering from outside the EC must have lived abroad for at least twelve months and cannot sell, lend, hire out, or otherwise dispose of the items in the United Kingdom within twelve months of importation unless Customer obtains Customs authority first.
  • Customer who is setting up a second home in the United Kingdom must obtain Customs authority first.


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