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Advice for Moving Abroad to India with Professional Movers in Toronto, ON & Surrounding Areas

Moving abroad to India is a massive transition to make, but do not worry because Monarch International Moving’s professional movers in Toronto, ON, and surrounding areas are here to help you along the way. Here are some guidelines and rules about how to move to India, what is permitted, and what is not. Start planning today with these helpful tips.

If you are a business national traveling to India, you must have a business visa stating your sponsored corporation for four months, up to six, or a one-year work permit. You need a work permit before your household belongings can be transferred to your new residence.

Required Documents

  • Owners’ passport original on the person and at customs clearance when goods arrive.
  • Inventory including values and dates of items purchased.
  • Original Ocean freight Bill of Landing
  • Customs Declaration Form signed by the owner
  • Diplomatic Consignment for Diplomatic Mission in India

If you are an Indian national, you must have lived outside of India for at least two years and plan to return for more than a year.

To ship household goods to India, the owner must be within India in person before they arrive. All are subject to evaluation from customs. Duty is charged 35% for electronic items and appliances such as a microwave oven or television. Duplicate items over a certain sum bring a 61% duty. Other items within the owner’s possession for more than a year are free of duty.

Prohibited and Restricted Items to Move

  • Non-licensed firearms, ammunition, and weapons.
  • Obscene films, photographs, and literature
  • Narcotics
  • Politically undesirable literature

Alcohol, liquor, and tobacco products are not duty-free and are at 135% dutiable. Ship separately from your household goods and belongings.

Thanks to the advice of our professional movers in Toronto, ON, you will be able to plan your move to India. As you begin, contact customs directly to receive an official list of rules, regulations, and more. Start planning your journey today.

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