Moving to Greece with International Movers in Toronto, ON

Professional Tips on Moving to Greece with International Movers in Toronto, ON

Get ahead on planning your move to Greece with these tips. Monarch International Moving’s  international movers in Toronto, ON, and surrounding areas, are here to streamline your moving and storage experience. From learning about customs regulations and other stipulations, start preparing for your move here.

Customs Regulations

  • The shipper must be present with a valid passport and import documents during clearance.
  • On the packing list, include the serial numbers, M2, type, and quality for rugs, carpets, and electric items.
  • T2L documents required for items from European Community Countries
  • Items shipped from third-world countries are dutiable and taxable.

Prohibited Goods

  • Firearms
  • Drugs
  • Explosives
  • Narcotics

Planning for Your Move

The above information is general guidance to help you prepare for your move. As you begin to establish your moving dates and when you are moving to Greece with international movers in Toronto, ON, contact Greece’s customs and your local embassy to receive complete guidelines and information on what documents are required, and more. There will be a complete list of prohibited and restricted items, how to register and see what cars can be shipped, information on pets, duty-free opportunities, and more.

International Movers in Toronto, ON

At Monarch International Moving, our movers are here to help you plan your move. We have completed many international moves over the years, so they have become routine to our international movers in Toronto, ON. Our movers can simplify this process for you by packing your belongings for you or providing several moving and storage services as follows:

  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Pick-up and Delivery
  • Custom Crating
  • Short-term and Long-term Storage
  • Logistics
  • Floor Planning
  • And more!

Schedule an estimate with our movers to start planning how these services can complete your move. All services at Monarch International Moving are customizable to your needs, budget, and schedule.

Start planning your international move with our movers today. Let’s create a moving and storage plan that will provide you with a streamlined experience. From beginning to end, our movers are here for you.

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