Moving to Germany with the Help of International Movers and Packers in Toronto, ON

International Movers and Packers Tips on Moving to Germany from Toronto, ON & Surrounding Areas

Monarch International Moving has the international movers and packers you need to plan and prepare your next international move. We are here to help you prepare for your international move today.

Documents for Customs Clearance

  • Household Goods Inventory
  • Original Registration at Local City Hall or Certified Copy
  • Original or Certified Copy of Passport
  • Evidence of Work with an Employer in Germany
  • Customs Declaration Form from and Completed by German Moving Company

Shipping Belongings and Restricted Items

The first step is to create a detailed inventory of your belongings such as the value, measurement, and what the item is. Our international movers and packers wish to inform you that belongings such as alcohol, tobacco, perfumes, coffee, and more are all dutiable. Moving animals and animal products that are protected by the Washington agreement cannot be imported, medications and medicines are subject to customs inspections, and firearms need to be the last items on your inventory with the serial number, model, caliber, needs to be registered with the German authorities, and must be packed closest to the door of the container.

There are additional allowances with items such as marriage dowries. These require a copy of the marriage certificate, inherited goods require a copy of a will, motor cars need proof of ownership and the owner must have used it for more than 6 months outside the EC.

Moving Internationally with Pets

If you are moving a pet, your dog or cat will need a valid health certificate within 10 days of the move, needs a rabies vaccination one year within the move, and more.

These tips from our international movers and packers are here to help streamline your upcoming move. While these tips will help you to begin planning for your international move, you will need to contact a German customs office for more rules and regulations. Look forward to a successful international move with Monarch International Moving today.

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