Moving to France with a Worldwide Moving Company

A Worldwide Moving Company’s Advice on Moving to France in Toronto, ON & Surrounding Areas

Monarch International Moving is a worldwide moving company ready to help you plan your next international move from Canada to France. Our professional movers will help you prepare the basics for this international move but be sure to contact customs for a more detailed list of requirements and regulations.

To move your household goods, you will need to prepare several documents to present to customs.

  • Complete a Non-Resale Certificate from the French Consulate of Canada.
  • Create a detailed inventory with the value of your belongings. Date and sign each copy.
  • Use an electricity or telephone bill for your proof of residence in France.
  • Copy of passport.


To save expenses of shipping your items, it is important to know which belongings may be imported duty-free. These can be items you have owned and used for more than 6 months abroad, all consignments must be reported and listed, and the importation of your belongings must be within one year of your transfer of residence.

Items received as an inheritance and with a Declaration from Notary and a full inventory, students’ goods while moving for school and shipping within one month of starting school, and wedding presents that are shipped in one month of marriage are all special cases considered duty-free.


For vehicles, you will need your original registration card and invoice of the vehicle. They can be duty-free if the owner has been abroad for more than a year, has owned the vehicle for 6 months, is registered, and it is not a commercial vehicle. Do not forget to include your vehicle in your inventory of household goods.


If you are moving a pet overseas, dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies, have a valid rabies vaccination certificate and a health certificate in French executed 5 days within your departure.

Prohibited Items

  • Drugs and Narcotics
  • Ivory and Protected Species’ Hides
  • Arms and Ammunition (Require a Special Permit)

These tips from our worldwide moving company are here to help streamline your upcoming move. Look forward to a successful international move with Monarch Moving Systems today.

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