Moving to Europe with Full Service Moving Companies

How to Approach Moving to Europe with Full Service Moving Companies in Toronto, ON & Surrounding Areas

If you are looking for full service moving companies, look no farther than Monarch International Moving for moving to Europe. A move takes a lot of planning, but with our professional help, your move will be a breeze with our guidance, tips, and help. To begin, moving from Canada with full service moving companies like us will be a big help.

Research Your New Home

Moving to Europe can be a big shock. There are languages and cultural differences to learn and grow accustomed to. You will need to exchange your currency, learn about the climate, different economy, local religions, laws, and more to know what to expect and how to be when you move to your new home. Make sure you are receiving the correct Visa, contact the Canadian Embassy in the country to make sure you have all the paperwork you need or to find more resources, contacts, and information about your new home’s location.

Organization is Key

After looking for full service moving companies, Monarch Moving Systems will be able to help you organize the information you need to move. For example, you will need a valid passport, a Visa and work permit (if required for your circumstance), you will need to create a full inventory in English and supply keys and access to any locked items as they go through customs. If any of this is overwhelming, our movers and logistics planners are here to help.

Moving with Pets

If you are bringing along pets, vehicles, and more, each will need to follow specific regulations and allowances. Items such as alcohol, tobacco, and perfume need to be declared separately and must not be together with your household items because it will slow everything down in customs. Items such as firearms, fireworks, plants, animals, animal by-products, meat, fish, and more are strictly forbidden. Be sure to research the specific rules to which country you are moving to in Europe.

Working with knowledgeable full service moving companies such as Monarch Moving Systems will take a lot of the stress and work off your shoulders. We are here to help make your overseas move a reality.

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