Moving to England with Professional Movers

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A move can be overwhelming, but planning a move to a whole other country can be quite a different challenge. At Monarch International Moving, we are here to help our customers accomplish their dreams and complete a successful move to England with our professional movers’ help.

The first step to any move is planning ahead. For a move to England, you will need to gather your passport,  a VISA if required, Work Permit if required, an inventory, and keys for any locked belongings. Be sure to create a folder or a place to gather and keep all these items together.

All belongings will go through customs before they are shipped out of the United States. Anything that has been within your household for more than 6 months will be duty-free or if they had already been purchased and duty and tax have already been paid on the item. These items cannot be sold upon arriving in the UK for twelve months.

  • Items to Declare Separately – The shipping of alcohol, tobacco, and perfumes are dutiable and must be declared separately. If these items are kept within your main shipments, your items will be held up. Firearms, drugs, narcotics, handguns that are not legal in the UK or do not have a valid firearms certificate are not allowed. Items such as plants, animal products, and many more are forbidden
  • Moving a Vehicle – If you are bringing a vehicle, you may need to be present at customs to have your vehicle cleared for shipping. Your vehicle will be duty-free if the owner is moving to England as their primary residence. You will need to declare the year, title, make, and more to customs.
  • Moving Pets – Pets have an array of strict restrictions and dogs and cats must be booked to be quarantined for 6 months at a government-approved facility after moving to England. They will need a health certificate and once all these requirements are met, they can receive an Import License.

There are many regulations and rules to pay attention to when preparing for a move to England. More specific rules can be found on the United Kingdom’s official government website. But, moving with Monarch Moving Systems’ professional movers, we have completed these kinds of moves before and are ready to help guide you through yours.

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