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Start planning your move to Brazil with these helpful tips about what you can and cannot take with you to Brazil. While there are plenty of documents and required paperwork to get organized, here are some general tips about planning alongside one of the best moving and storage companies.


Required Documents

  • Original OBL or ABW
  • From Brazilian Consulate at original residence, a declaration of residence abroad
  • Inventory in Portuguese
  • Airline ticket for arrival in Brazil
  • Notarized copies of passport and visa
  • A legalized power of Attorney for customs broker

If Brazilian citizens are returning to Brazil after a year abroad or more, they will need everything except a notarized copy of their CIC and Brazilian identification card, instead of a passport and visa. Individuals with a temporary visa will need a notarized copy of work contracts and “Diario Oficial” as well as a letter of guarantee.

You may make up to two shipments, one by air, and one by sea for used belongings and only from the owner’s residence country, 6 months or less after the owner arrives in Brazil. If you are a foreign citizen or are a Brazilian and are returning after a year abroad, you must have a complete inventory with values, serial numbers, brand names, and more.


Prohibited Items

These items must not be shipped under any circumstance. These are color and new TVs, new computers, firearms without a special permit, narcotics, drugs, pornographic material, explosives, ammunition, or heavy weapons. No used cars or motorcycles.


Restricted Items

These items can be taken with you when you move to Brazil but must adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Pets are allowed but must be on the original inventory with your shipment.
  • Anything packed in wooden crates or boxes must receive a fumigation certificate.

There are many guidelines and pieces of information to keep track of while planning for an international move. As one of the many professional moving and storage companies, our movers know the process but recommend you reach out to a local consulate office and customs to receive complete guidelines about your move to Brazil.


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