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Prepare for Your Move to Argentina with Reliable Moving and Storage in Toronto, ON & Surrounding Areas

Moving to Argentina can be a daunting task, but with the help of our reliable moving and storage services at Monarch International Moving can be your key to setting up a streamlined move. See how you can start planning for your move today.


Required Documents

  • Inventory in Spanish
  • Declare and state on the passport the shipment of goods expected.
  • Have passport holder’s names on all documents.
  • Deposit a “Guarantee” for the value of incoming goods.
  • Do not ship your household goods ahead of this move to Argentina for a period of three years prior.


Returning Argentine Citizens

  • Passport to show they lived abroad for more than a year.
  • Certificate of Residence for returning.


Foreign Citizens

  • Passport
  • Resident Visa for more than a year
  • Permanent Entry Visa with immigration authorities’ stamp

Your shipments are allowed to be one by air and one by sea. Your shipment can arrive only three months before or six months after you finished moving to Argentina. All items being shipped in can only be used, owned by the customer for a year or more, and are not meant for resale. If new items are shipped, these can cause delays with higher duties.


Restricted or Dutiable Items

Do not ship the following with your household belongings.

  • New items
  • Multiples of large appliances
  • Alcohol (two bottles per adult customer are allowed tax-free)
  • Tobacco
  • Food products
  • Gifts
  • With the proof of ownership, sports weapons

Pets can be imported with an Air Waybill, Original Bill of Lading, and a Veterinary Certificate. Vehicles can be imported as well but have several rules and restrictions. You will need the original title, purchase invoice, certificate of residence, license, passport, certification from an Argentine Consulate, and more.


Prohibited Items

These items must not be shipped under any circumstance. These are color and new TVs, new computers, firearms without a special permit, narcotics, drugs, pornographic material, explosives, ammunition, or heavy weapons.

While there are many rules for shipping overseas, start here with our reliable moving and storage services. Be sure to contact customs to get a detailed list of rules and regulations.


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